Dodeka is the meaning of Greek number “12”. The founder of this product has the unique feelings for the clock. The clock contains a long history implied meaning. The “12” is just a circle around the clock. The founder produce a series products from clock to home décor. Hope to bring people to enjoy the heritage of high quality home life.

Dodeka brand has always insisted on the design of every home furnishings. Continuous innovation and improvement of each design details, so that customers really appreciate the warmth brought about by the design. The so-called "warm home", is the Dodeka brand simple style design. Fade bright appearance, restore the real simple life. Let people at home to get a real relaxed, practical sense, enjoy the good life.

「Extension of a good time」, starting from the clock products, the continuation of the concept is to design. Design is the essence of Dodeka, and strive to meet the high standards of customers emerging new needs. Brand to create a generation of inheritance and continuity, that is to bring people to enjoy high-quality home life.

High-quality material selection and exquisite craftsmanship,
Adhering to the purpose of discovering the habit of diligence and designing,
Original art design good things for home life!
Add a peace of mind and life interest to every home,
At the same time, it brings people more happiness and belonging,
This is what we are doing!

~~~ Stand Life Out ~~~